Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pho Nguyen

So today class ended early and I went with some of my compatriots to a local Pho restaurant for a late lunch.
It's a little hole in the wall place called Pho Nguyen. Looks like this:

Giant red arrows to help you find your way.
One fun thing I like to do whenever I go to any restaurant is think of ways to improve it. I said to everyone "quick, what are 5 ways this place could be improved? I should have taken a picture of the inside. Anyway we came up with 8:
  1. Change the lighting so it's not fluorescent. The lighting's a bit harsh.  
  2. Move the old chinese newspapers and radio off the counter. Uncluttered makes people feel better about being in a place.  
  3. Clean the windows and move things out of the way so people on the street can see the place is full. Full restaurants attract more people.  
  4. A carpet of some sort extending in from the street so it feels more welcoming. Maybe red or green.  
  5. An ATM inside so people can get money.  
  6. Delivery service to the surrounding apartment buildings = extra revenue stream.  
  7. Mirrors on the walls to make it look not quite so small  
  8. Advertise the place. A better sign, some flyers, guys on the street with sandwich boards, anything.


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