Friday 4 November 2011

It's a marketing problem

I've noticed since I've started the MBA that everything seems to boil down to one of two problems.  marketing and finance.  But finance problems can be solved with money and that can be done by having good reasons for people to give it to you and convincing them, and those are marketing issues.  So really it's all marketing.  Some problems are more obviously marketing than others:

We're not selling enough widgets
Obvious marketing problem.  What do your customers want in a widget?  What are they willing to pay for?  Are you doing that?  Do they know about you?  How are you advertising?  What does your shop look like?  How easy is it to buy your widgets?  All marketing.

I can't find a job
Marketing problem.  You need to find out what your customer (potential employer) wants and make sure you offer that in your resume.  Call them up.  Sell yourself.  Believe in your product.  Know what job you're going for.  Tailor your resume.  Have a portfolio of accomplishments to show.  It's all marketing.

My dog won't obey
Marketing problem.  Come across as confident.  Carry dog treats.  Act like the master.  Throw a Frisbee.  It's all marketing.

I can't get a date
Marketing problem.  What does your love interest want in a partner?  How do you give it to them?  How's your hygiene?  How do you dress?  Do you have a job?  Are you looking for them to fix you or do you have something to offer to them?  They're the customer.  Buy flowers.  Hit the gym.  Brush your teeth.  Wear deodorant.  It's all marketing.

I'm homeless and people won't give me money
Marketing problem.  Where are you sitting?  Are you too well dressed?  Are you asking for money?  Is your sign funny or not funny?  What season is it?  Are you too close to other people asking for money?  Do people see cigarette butts and beer bottles all around you?  Get rid of them.  It's all marketing.

My kids won't eat their dinner
Marketing problem.  Are you a bad cook?  Could you get training?  Are you giving in and letting them eat cookies? Are the food names boring?  Maybe you need to re-name the food to exciting, hip names.  Ultimate meatloaf!  Frenetic pasta!  Unbelievable oatmeal!  Have you tried spanking them?  How about grounding them? It's all marketing.


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