Thursday 26 January 2012

Midweek Update: Justin Bieber says give an organ.

So my school work has been really piling up over the past little while. Earlier in the week, after a few days of trying desperately to get somewhere on my research paper, I realized that I had a bunch of answers but wasn't sure I knew the question.  This was not a good feeling.  I went through a brief spell of wondering what it would be like as a hobo when they kicked me out of school.
My wife told me not to worry, and to do what didn't come naturally - ask for help. Risk being thought of as incapable and foolish.  So I did. Made an appointment with my supervising professor and met him today.

Well I feel better.  He was able to give me some good direction, and we're going to meet regularly from here on in.  He is confident that I should be able to do this no problem.  I hope so. So I'll just keep watching this over and over again until I feel better:

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don't have anything more substantial to write about today.

Oh wait, I could talk about Justin Bieber

So I found this interesting mainly because of Sherri's job.

My wife Sherri, as you may know if you know us, works for The Transplantation Society, which is an organization that provides information to doctors about organ transplants and techniques.  Since she started working there I've learned many things including that organ transplantation is a relatively new process, that there's still a lot to know about it, and that organ donation rates are very very low.

Well I found an interesting article in the news today that Justin Bieber has become a new advocate for organ donation.  Seems a fan tweeted, asking him to use his star power to get people to sign up as organ donors at an Ontario website.  He obliged, tweeting to his many loyal fans and sparking a surge in registrants.  So if you get a new kidney it may be from a belieber.

I may not be in his target audience, but I highly support this measure and encourage you to sign up also.  If you're from Quebec it's not quite as easy as going to a website, so you'll have to call RAMQ instead.


Sherri Williams said...

Thanks for posting about organ donation, Nathan! I never really knew much about it until I started working for The Transplanation Society. I'd strongly recommend everyone to put the sticker on your health card, or even better get registered with RAMQ (if you live in Quebec, otherwise find out your local procedure). There are so few donors, and so many people waiting to receive organs! Some of their stories are heartbreaking. There's a great website with all the info here:

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