Tuesday 31 January 2012

Whoops, my template is down

You may have noticed that my blog template seems to not be working.  This is my fault.

The template was a free template that I got from a website, and contained images that were hosted somewhere else.  I didn't download these images or back them up in any way, and it seems the template was taken down for some reason.  So it's gone.  Maybe magic will happen and they'll put it back up soon.

If not, we're stuck for a bit. It took a fair bit of time to adjust the last template to include the sidebar and my pretty face, and I don't really have lots of time.  So for the next little while, enjoy my beautiful blog of black with exclamation points. I'll try to get a new template up before too long.

Aaaand we're back.  I did nothing, it just seems to be back up.  Looks like I should take care to make backups in the future.  Thanks for bearing with me!


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