Tuesday 19 December 2017

A dramatic reading of an AI Author

Hey, did you see in the news that a predictive keyboard wrote a new Harry Potter story? is a community of people using technology to create new forms of art.  A group of these creators developed a predictive AI keyboard, and trained the AI with the text of the Harry Potter books.  The system then produced an entirely new Harry Potter chapter.

What's amazing about this is that it captures the literary structure and tone of the original Harry Potter books, but because the keyboard has no concept of what the words mean, the story as a whole often takes ridiculous turns.  For example, the theme of high school romance is explored, however the AI places the villainous Death Eaters as the main actors in this scene.

As AI has been gaining in use and scope, traditional occupations are being phased out, with people being replaced by the more efficient and accurate robots.  You might think that the creative professions are the one safe haven, where a computer could never compete with human intelligence, but projects like this show that AI is knocking at the door of the arts. 

Personally I am hopeful for the future, but we should be mindful that there is no field who should not be planning for AI to have a seat at the table in the future.

Anyway I loved it so much I did a dramatic reading:



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