Friday, 28 October 2011

Green and Pink

The other day Sherri and I stopped into a food court to pick up a quick dinner as we were in a rush.  She commented to me that the new colour scheme that everyone seems to be using for their logos is green and pink.  Have you noticed this too?

She got Thai Express

I got Tandori

The more we thought about it, the more we realized that pink and green is like the new fad in logos and colour schemes, at least for take out restaurants.  For example:

See, in the past, fast food used lots of reds and yellows to make people think action, eat fast.

Now it seems that the feeling businesses want to convey is hip, trendy, healthy, environmental, stylish.  Pink and green:

It's not just restaurants.  Everyone's getting in on this new hip colour scheme.  Games:
Give Me The Brain


Even educational places

Anything that wants to be hip, edgy and fresh.  Keep your eyes open, I'm sure this is still fairly new and that the green and pink tidal wave is just now gaining momentum.  But for me I feel it's already starting to feel overdone.  When I start my next business I'll stick with tan.  Good old tan.  Nothing beats that!


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