Tuesday 8 November 2011

Green and Pink Part 2

Persuant to my previous post about the prevalence of green and pink in advertising and branding now, I decided to take a short walk to see how much I would come across.  This walk was from JMSB at the corner of Guy and de Maisonneuve all the way to Atwater metro by way of St. Catherine's street in Montreal. Google maps tells me this walk is 8 blocks.

I encountered 5 examples of pink and green being used together in advertising on this route, which I think is significant given that not all of the blocks are commercial and many of the businesses have been there many years.  I have pictures of 4 of them.  The 5th that I didn't bother with was Yeh! Yogurt, which I had mentioned in my previous post on the subject.

Observation 1: TD Bank
We're hip, we're fresh, we're growing.  We're green and pink!  We're the bank of Toronto.  Young people play video games while we manage their finances, apparently. 

I'm surprised they don't have a screen out front playing this on a loop.

Observation 2: Nilufar

To be fair I think this one has been around a lot longer than the others.  It's an old faded sign, suggesting the colour scheme was selected back the first time pink and green were popular choices.  Their website doesn't really use the colours, but their business cards do.  I had no idea that they had a falafel and soup special for $2.  I should check this place out.

Observation 3: Bubble Zone

Now this is Trendy with a capital T.  Bubble tea.  Pink and Green.  Makes me want to get some suspenders and thick rimmed glasses and listen to obscure bands from the pacific rim.

Observation 4: The Atwater Library

Seriously, even the library's cashing in on this.  We're hip too, guys!  Guys?  Come on!  We've got Chaucer and Moliére!  They're like... the hipsters of yore!


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