Monday 21 November 2011

Monday Update, random thoughts

I'm in the middle of the most hectic week left in my school year.  Just finished one presentation, have another one Wednesday, and a paper due over the weekend.  Nevertheless I'm writing.  Why?  I found some really interesting things that I wanted to share with everyone!


So I was going in to school a few days ago and passed this guy in the metro:

one of the most interesting and innovative buskers I have ever seen. I hope Disney doesn't sue him for using Nemo

This is more than just a strange costume, it is a beautiful illustration of the fact that busking is essentially a marketing problem (like everything else).  I pass buskers every day in the metro.  Many of them are very good.  I've been a busker before.  Nevertheless I usually walk on by.  Giving money to them seems very foreign to me, in spite of the fact that I've done this before. 

Nevertheless this guy was special.  I did walk by.  I got to the top of the escalator before I changed my mind, turned around, and gave him a coin.  Why?  Because I thought it would make a good article.  I mean look at him!  He's wearing some sort of tall stovepipe-type hat made of burlap, sitting in a faux-bateau with Nemo hanging off the front.  He's playing country music on guitar and there's a basket on a fishing pole hanging right out where people are walking.  I thought it was brilliant.  So technically this photo cost me a dollar.

This seems to be part of a trend.  Buskers are realizing that they have to be more creative to compete in today's marketplace.  Case in point, on the way home I saw these guys:

More interesting buskers, but these guys didn't have a boat

You gotta stand out if you're gonna compete.  These guys were fun but I had spent all my busker money on the first guy.  Sorry gents.  Better luck next time!

Toto BBQ

In other  news I've been exploring restaurants in the JMSB area, because I've spent about 10 hours a day every day there this past week and change.  There are some decent eats in the area, but Toto BBQ stood out as a gem.

The place has no website.  I'm not entirely sure of the address but it's on St. Catherine's street half a block west of St. Matthieu on the north side.  The logo is a picture of the owner's two grand kids.  I walked in on a lark, really.

Their menu is limited.  They have chicken breast meal or chicken leg meal.  Both are the same price.  I'm not sure if that's just because it was the weekend or all the time, but I didn't see any other type of menu there.  I got the breast.  The thing was huge!  Came with gravy, mashed potatoes, rice, carrots and a coke.  $4.99 plus tax. 

That is one large pile of food for four dollars and ninety-nine cents

These guys are drastically undercharging.  I recommend you go here quick before they realize the horrible pricing error they've committed and raise them. 

Pink and Green

Finally, just for fun, here's another pink and green sighting

Yes, I have no life.


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